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October 13th 2014

Jo interviewed in the PRS magazine

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Jo recently had a chat with Jim Ottewill from the PRS for Music magazine.  Click here to read the interview.

Posted at 10:03am.

October 11th 2014

First ever dates in Canada

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Dear friends,

When I was six years old, my tiny school in the Highlands of Scotland had a ‘museum’ in the corner of the single classroom, containing things that we’d found in the heather.

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Posted at 9:58pm.

October 9th 2014

UK Christmas Concerts!

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To end the year we are very happy to announce two Christmas Concerts in the UK.   If you are a Patron please see additional details for you on the Facebook events page for each event (links below).

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Posted at 12:22am.

October 9th 2014

Coming up: Fractal Sparks evolved, Lincoln

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If you missed it first time, here’s your chance..:) Fractal Sparks is being uniquely adapted for a second airing at Lincoln’s LPAC theatre, as the centrepiece of new audiophile festival Sonophilia. 

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Posted at 12:09am.

August 30th 2014

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A glimpse of Fractal Sparks

Here’s a 90 second glimpse of Fractal Sparks at Durham Cathedral. I hope you like it - if so please share.

There will now be a second chance to experience a version of this show when we perform in Lincoln on October 26th… see

Posted at 2:19pm.

July 26th 2014

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Pictures from Fractal Sparks live at Durham Cathedral.

Thank you to those of you that uploaded some of these to social media.   Sorry if we’ve not credited a couple of you, please leave a comment if so and we’ll add your name ;)

Posted at 5:18pm.

May 2nd 2014

Announcing Fractal Sparks, live in Durham Cathedral

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Introducing the forthcoming new album ‘Fractals’, live in Durham Cathedral, July 18th 2014 sees the world premiere of ‘Fractal Sparks’, a stunning new creation featuring live music and 3D projections.

Set to live performances of the forthcoming second album “Fractals” as well as songs from ‘Gown’, the show will feature live brass and elemental ‘force of nature’ full-height visual effects, exploring visual metaphors of the new album’s key theme; that our lives continually repeat the same patterns in different contexts and on different scales, be they spatial or temporal.
Opening the evening will be Lanterns On The Lake.

For full details and tickets click here

This event is supported by PRS Foundation and Arts Council England has been commissioned by Brass: Durham International Festival

Posted at 12:45pm.

February 22nd 2014

Think of Me (official video)

Think of Me has been a difficult song to fit a music video to, as it seems to mean something different to each listener, and Jo didn’t want to impose on that.  

After attempts from several different directors across the world to set pictures to it, Jimmy Ahlander, a Swedish director based in Los Angeles, created the video we felt was the best fit, so this is now the official video for Think of Me.  We hope you like it.

Posted at 5:46pm.

February 22nd 2014

After over 18 months of preproduction, Album 2 recording started in a London studio in January, with Gown’s Jon Cotton producing.

Photograph: Christian Maislinger

Posted at 3:30pm.

After over 18 months of preproduction, Album 2 recording started in a London studio in January, with Gown’s Jon Cotton producing.
Photograph: Christian Maislinger

December 21st 2013

PRSF now supporting Jo’s work

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We are thrilled to announce that PRSF are kindly supporting Jo’s work by sponsoring a unique live show we are developing for 2014, via their ‘Women Make Music’ scheme.  More details on that show soon.

Posted at 5:00pm.